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Zmei Gorynych

The 3-headed serpent-dragon

Spicy and ignited infusions!
You won't know where to turn.

Escaped from 1000-year-old epic tales, Zmei Gorynych still terrifies Slavic children today. This three-headed serpent-dragon spits 6-power devil fire; flames come out of its 6 nostrils, smoke exhales from its 6 ears when its reptilian body is covered with impenetrable scales! Copper claws gleam on its paws… In its lair,  up there in the mountains, it hides its immense booty, holds captive knights or kidnapped Tsarevnas (princesses). It is in this same cave that many descendants, the Zmeionyches, are found. Which opponent will be crazy enough to face him?! Because the animal is really strong, but also cunning, capable of transforming into a human, a rock or even a broom! Will you be a Bogatyr (valiant knight), like Dobrynia Nikititch, to rid the Earth of this monster straight out of Hell?!

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