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The very beautiful

Scented light infusions

Tormented by her stepmother and her daughters, our heroine is helped by a doll with extraordinary powers inherited from her late mother. This unique rag friend, with whom she discreetly shares her meals, allows her in return to perform the heavy household chores imposed by the stepmother. It is still thanks to this doll that Vassilissa accomplishes missions for the terrible witch Baba Yaga, to whom she ventures in spite of herself to ask for fire. Far from devouring her as she is used to, especially with children, the old woman finally sends her home after a few days, not without giving her a skull with burning eyes. This one, as if by magic, consumes the mother-in-law and her daughters as soon as he is brought into their presence. Vassilissa then goes to town, is taken in by an old lady at whose home she weaves a high quality fabric. The old woman offers the canvas to the Tsar who ends up summoning the young girl...falls in love with her and marries her! You know the rest, they lived happily…

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