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Our philosophy

Today everyone knows that our planet and its environment  suffer more than they prosper. Deforestation and pollution in particular,  have serious repercussions on the fragile biodiversity that surrounds us. We are drawn into a vicious circle and must ensure that we do not encourage this harmful headlong rush. 

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Anxious to limit the impact of its activity on the environment, La Datcha de Katia undertakes:

1. We choose  our partners (upstream and downstream) on an eco-responsible basis and we encourage our customers to adhere to this same approach.

- We select our products, create mixtures, personally test and validate (or decline) the samples, in our common interest!

- We limit the use of plastic packaging to the strict minimum, with a “0 plastic” approach upstream/downstream of the distribution chain in the medium term.

Good and healthy, ideally good, organic and healthy (for 95% of our ranges).
The European AB or BIO logo is a step in the direction to follow. However, we are aware that it is not always sufficient to justify an act of responsible purchasing. An ORGANIC product is not always 100% organic (regulations require 95%). And it's not always good. Conversely, you can find producers without Organic Agriculture certification (so-called conventional / natural), which does not mean that they do not produce their tea in good conditions. Some regions of the world produce organic, even better than organic (like simple picking in the mountains, without any other human interaction for example) but the Cooperatives do not always have an existing ORGANIC label at the scale of the State to enhance their product ranges; or the recurrent cost of certification becomes a brake for very small units that have other priorities. We therefore sometimes bet on highlighting their products with local organic certification without a European equivalent or even without any certification, after having validated the production method used.

You can eat/drink ORGANIC without worrying about the ecological and/or societal consequences in remote production areas. Not seen not caught…

2. We promote an ethical and responsible purchasing process.

- Tea is the 2nd most drunk beverage in the world after water! It makes millions of people work and live  in production areas, often very far from us.

- A significant part of our product ranges comes from the now independent states of the former Soviet Union.
For example, Georgia is a Caucasus country: the tea produced in this country is the most virtuous in the world that you can consume in terms of carbon footprint: 3200 kms distance between Paris and Tbilisi, more than 7000 kms between Paris and Mumbai, 9200 km between Paris and Shanghai! Barring exceptions, we favor land transport, as at the time of the Russian tea route. Longer but much less energy-intensive than the plane.
- We also prefer short circuit purchases: whether for drinks or crafts, the distribution chain is reduced to its simplest expression when possible: in fact, we are often the only link between the manufacturer / craftsman and you. It is one of the key elements ensuring a better knowledge of the product, the producer or the manufacturer; it is also reaffirmed mutual trust and better product traceability!

For example, our doll makers are independent craftsmen who live from their passion! No hidden/forced sub-labor, no harassment on the plantations, no child labor. We make our partners aware of the use of noble products in a reaffirmed cultural context: no synthetic fabrics or plastic materials for dolls, no individual plastic bags to infuse drinks (which release millions of plastic microparticles in contact with the boiling water!), no synthetic flavorings to flavor our teas! The noble material only. In exchange, we guarantee a decent purchase price to our partners and repeat orders that allow them to anticipate their income and live with dignity from their profession. A win-win deal! A virtuous circle. Once again, the fair trade label can turn out to be costly or non-existent in the regions concerned. We favor an intelligent partnership based on shared work experience and trust. Our sometimes risky choices help people who deserve it. Our values guide our choices and make us grow, as in our lives as individuals. We are convinced of this, it is this approach that makes our products better! It's our little hummingbird wing beat dear to Pierre Rabhi.

It is at this price, the true price of tea, that we  will earn your trust and retain your loyalty. Only actions count! Let's all be Consumers! Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Thank you for your purchases. La Datcha de Katia, we want it open to all, a place of shared exchanges. Welcome home !

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