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Infuser La Datcha de Katia

The art of infusion made easy! 


Your tea will be infused according to the rules of the art with our tea infuser (and its lid/tray) equipped with thousands of micro-holes. 


Ideal for :

  • Infuse loose leaf tea without releasing leaves or pieces into your mug or glass (even the very fine leaves of Rooibos or certain fine spices are blocked), 

  • cover the tea during infusion for perfect preservation of the aromas thanks to the stainless steel lid. This serves as a drip tray once the infusion is complete. Really practical!

  • remove the tea without burning yourself thanks to the wide handles.

- Solid product with neat finish with "La Datcha de Katia" header

- Does not rust (high quality 18/8 stainless steel)

- Very easy to clean thanks to its mesh-free design, this accessory will become your essential daily companion.

- Dimensions and shape optimized for use with most containers, from simple glass to teapot, mug or cup.

100% Premium Quality Stainless Steel

Rinses with water in seconds

Do not microwave

Infuseurs à thé
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