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Bactrian camel

Teas of character for globetrotters in search of exotic lands

It is said that once upon a time the Verbloud camel was the most beautiful of all animals. He had a long tail, furnished, superb as well as powerful horns. One day, he goes to drink at the river and meets the deer who says to him: “I am going to the party, lend me your horns, brother”. Verbloud accepts and waits at the edge of the water. That same day, the horse arrives and asks him: "Lend me your tail, I'm going to the party". “Okay,” the camel says, and waits by the river. While watching the road, he quenches his thirst, but sees neither deer nor horse. And for good reason, the deer, which deceived the camel, entered the Taiga, adorned with its new horns; we never saw him again in the steppe! As for the horse, he kept his tail, but since then, as soon as he sees a camel, he runs away! What more can I say?  Verbloud, during his long wait, drank so much water that nasty bumps grew on his back! Be that as it may, let's pay homage to all the Verblouds, without whom the tea, transported by camel from the Far East, would probably never have arrived at the Tsar's.

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