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The frog princess

Delicate blends of teas with floral and/or fruity accents

The tsar asks his three sons to each shoot an arrow in opposite directions in the heart of Russia: they will then marry the women who will collect their arrow. The first two sons thus meet good matches. The arrow of the youngest, Ivan Tsarevitch, having fallen into a swamp, he must marry the frog who found it! Struck by a spell cast on her by a sorcerer (Koschei), she was condemned to keep the appearance of a frog. Desperate, but a man of honour, Ivan presents the Tsar with his fiancée who fits in his pocket. The weddings are celebrated but the Tsar continues to impose his wishes on the frog princess: that she make him a magnificent garment, that she prepares a royal cake...a ball follows where Legoushka becomes a woman, in reality a magician, leaves the assembly, and the king, speechless with wonder. Happiness lasts too short a time. With a thoughtless gesture, Ivan throws the frog skin into the fire, causing his princess to disappear. Long of 2 years and far, beyond the kingdom, will be the way to find the beauty. On the road, an old man, a bear, a falcon, a pike and of course Baba Yaga the witch! A real quest in the middle of the swamp…until the final fight and the liberation. All ends well, Coa!

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