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The Immortal King

Blends of black teas and seductive fruits

This witch-king,  often represented as a hideous old man, has the main function of forcibly removing the princesses from tales, especially since the method of gentle seduction s inevitably proves  unsuccessful. He gallops naked on his enchanted horse armed with a sword, he sometimes flies, exclaims “It smells of Russian! when a human being approaches and escapes in a whirlwind… Well, our anti-hero still has a major advantage: he is immortal! Or pretty much. No one can kill Koschei by aiming at his body. Her soul is hidden in a needle, which is contained in an egg, itself in a cane which is in a hare, in an iron chest buried under an oak tree on an island sometimes invisible in the ocean…nothing that's a real Matryoshka game! As long as his soul is in a safe place, the wizard cannot die. If the chest is dug up and opened, the hare will jump out of it. If killed, the duck will escape. Anyone who manages to take the egg, however, will hold Koschei in his power. He will start to weaken, get sick and lose his magical powers. Throw the egg, Koschei will be thrown in the same direction, against his will. If the needle is broken (in some tales, it is struck against Koschei's forehead), he will die immediately…of old age! For this reason, our king has a real fear of death. Who wants to save the princess?

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