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Jar Plitsa

Fire Bird

Our versions of the famous “Russian tea”, citrus fruits and/or bergamot

  This large legendary bird with a peacock body and glowing eyes has majestic plumage that radiates a fiery light: even detached from the body, a simple feather can light the way through a dark forest for a very long time . Then, cooled, the feather will turn into gold! Its song can, it is said, cure many illnesses or restore sight; her tears turn into pearls that bring fortune. Jar Ptitsa prefers to eat golden apples which bring beauty, youth, strength and power!

  In fairy tales, the firebird is typically the object of a difficult quest. This usually begins with the discovery of a lost feather, from which the hero sets out to find and capture the living bird. Admittedly magnificent (and precious in certain situations), coveting the firebird can prove extremely dangerous: indeed, whoever captures it with bare hands will get burned. Who would want to get plucked?! To catch it, you will need a golden cage with golden apples as bait.

  Each fall, Jar Ptitsa dies…to come back to life the following spring…to the delight of young and old alike!

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