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The spirit of the house

Rooibos and other drinks with playful and endearing flavors at the same time

This charismatic, facetious, sometimes grumpy little character is the protective spirit of the home and the family. He sleeps in the attic or behind the oven. Every evening, he is left with an offering in the form of food (kasha) or even milk. At night, he does not show himself but likes to caress animals with his nails while they sleep. Benevolent by nature, Domovoi can be very helpful when he appreciates the inhabitants, doing the housework for example. It can even follow them during a move, transported in a pot of embers, an old boot or slippers. If, on the other hand, he doesn't like them, then he makes life hell for the whole family, breaking the dishes or dirtying the house until they leave! Finally, He hates mirrors! Perhaps because, as some say,  domovoi is born a hairy old man and dies a baby, like Benjamin Button. We love this young version of him which may bring back childhood memories to those who have already met him!

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