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Baba Yaga

The witch

Potions of black teas flavored with
spices, herbs, secret and demonic roots 

Like most witches, Baba Yaga flies at full speed, in a giant mortar (a bowl for grinding food), bent knees almost touching her chin. The pestle serves as a  rudder-paddle. With the other hand, she erases her traces with the broom. As soon as it appears, a violent wind begins to blow, the leaves swirl in the air. His mobile home (izbushka), perched on giant chicken legs, is hidden in the middle of a dark forest; the fence, border between mortals and spirits, is an assembly of human bones and skulls! Hungry dogs, black cats and guard geese are also part of the panoply. In the service of the witch, 3 riders (white morning, red noon and black midnight) mark the passage of time; 3 pairs of magic hands and invisible servants carry out his orders. Woe to those who venture too close: Baba Yaga catches them, washes them, feeds them…before putting them in the oven! Because despite her thinness, she has a huge appetite. Feared for her powers and her cruelty, the witch also knows how to be fair, always telling the truth or even coming to the aid of those (like Vassilissa) brave enough to ask for her help. Eat or help?! Ready for a consultation?

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